Breaking the family rule

I was told not to tell anyone this from my parents, but Tumblr doesn’t count towards me. 

My nephew is 6 and is “suicidal”. There have been more than one occasions that he says he wants to die or he wants to kill himself.

He is seeing a “feelings doctor” which is a child’s psychologist.

My nephew is a very high functioning child. We believe he is very gifted. He has a hard time interacting with kids his own age and when he does, he is often left out, bullied or teased. 

He would rather play with computers, calculators or interact with adults. 

He is just the sweetest kid and will do anything for anyone. 

My BIL and sister want to keep it a secret of him going to the psychologist because of the stigma. Fuck that.

It breaks my heart that he is going through this. I love that little guy so much.


—It’s been a shitty week to my own doing.

—I am diabetic and haven’t been taking care of myself. I just got put on insulin b/c my blood sugars were so dangerously high. This is a wake up call for me that I need to change my lifestyle.

—Still thinking about gastric.

—I have so much to say.

—I will not be going to CHSH.

—Was supposed to go to the Reds game tonight but the cold and snow ruined that.

—Follow waitwhatidontknow because she’s not bad for a Canadian.