I’ve been doing so well. I’m the happiest I’ve been in ages but I’m struggling with my sobriety. I’ve relapsed twice this week and that’s obviously not a good thing. I think it has to be related to my upcoming gastric surgery and my anxiety.

I need to stop this madness. I see my psychologist tomorrow and going to have a talk with him tomorrow about me using. I’m not going to be giving up the fight. Tomorrow is a new day.

This has been a truth on a Thursday.

tcwph asked:

What are your thoughts about Pete not being in the Hall of Fame?

I am a hardcore Cincinnati Reds fan & Pete Rose was the best at what he did.  I am not a homer though, but I have such mixed feelings about this.

Pete Rose willingly agreed to accept a lifetime ban on baseball in 1989 I believe for betting on baseball. Betting on baseball is and always will be a no-no. 

Pete is a narcissist and could have easily admitted he bet on baseball when this first came out, but he didn’t. He FINALLY admitted to betting on baseball when he wrote a fucking book. To get money in his pocket. He only admitted to it to make money.

I’m mixed on this. He did sign and agreed to a lifetime ban from baseball, but then again. 25+ years later, maybe he should get a 2nd chance. After all, prisoners get parole and probation after 25 years in prison.

So to answer your question, I have no idea if Pete should be allowed back into baseball.