Ugh, September

For me, today is the unofficial start of fall. What fall means to me is that winter will be here before I know it. I DESPISE winter. My birthday is in September and that just means I am getting one year older. Ugh, this post is depressing.

On a positive note, I am a huge football fan and that just started. Now I can’t wait for the NFL to start.

Come on spring!

Eff Me

So I am going to be looking for a job in the next 6 months. I Googled my name and the first thing that came up was my Instagram account that I am locked out of. I used my real name under the Instagram account and the account is public. Also my Instagram’s name is is Futurelotterywinner. 

In my account there is a picture of some weed shaped like a heart. It wasn’t my pic, but I posted it. So I am just kinda freaking out that they will Google my name, Google “Futurelotterywinner” and will see the weed picutre. 

I am kinda freaking out that this will prevent me from getting a job. Sure I can get rid of “Futurelotterwinner” as my Tumblr name before I apply to jobs, but there is no way I can delete or make my Instagram private. My Instagram like I said is locked out completely. It’s impossible for me to make this situation better. There’s no way of emailing Instagram.

Fuck. I am freaking out. I really need a new job and I don’t want my Instagram account that I barely used prevent me from getting a job.